First Shoshin Holdings launches JoJoCare, a platform that lets you virtually visit doctors and other care providers in minutes

JoJoCare soft launches today, April 29, and aims to provide an easier and faster way to get qualified professional help

April 29, 2020

First Shoshin first announced JoJoCare, its venture into health tech last April 6 as an apt response to the limited mobility imposed by the nationwide enhanced community quarantine and as a way to ease the strain brought about by the pandemic. JoJoCare, a holistic healthcare app on a mission to help people connect with qualified practitioners and get expert advice faster, is now available on soft launch.

Right now, JoJoCare has over 100 professionals on board from licensed doctors and lawyers to yoga teachers, fitness trainers, and tutors ready to accept virtual bookings, and is set to add more care professionals in its next phase to truly provide an inclusive and enhanced care experience for its users.

Part of the initial roster of medical practitioners for JoJoCare’s soft launch is Dr. Doris Louise Cellona-Obra who specializes in Pediatric Pulmonology and is excited at the prospect of continuing to provide virtual care to patients especially at a time where people should avoid public and high-risk places such as hospitals. “It’s about providing service when people need it most, perhaps changing lives, but definitely protecting life in new ways. Telehealth platforms like JoJoCare can help make it easier to reach out and help patients and will definitely have a niche in the way I practice medicine,” says Cellona-Obra.

Streamlining the care experience with online payments

First Shoshin believes that telehealth is the future of healthcare and that this is an inevitable step as the shift to a digital world continues to accelerate even further due to the coronavirus crisis. The holdings company brings its expertise on financial technology and software development and merges it with healthcare to transform the way people access and experience modern health and wellness services. Besides booking virtual visits, JoJoCare users can pay online through bank transfer, credit/debit card, and wallet transfers via its payment partners and soon through JoJoPay, its proprietary payment system that allows real-time fund transfers anytime, anywhere.

The JoJoCare difference

Sally Ponce-Enrile, JoJoCare Chairperson and Former Legislator, helms the company’s direction with the goal of reshaping how people can reach out to qualified professionals and get the support and care that they need easily. An advocate of health and education, Ponce-Enrile sees JoJoCare as an opportunity to make these basic, essential needs accessible for everyone. “We want to help more people by offering holistic health and wellness-related services at competitive prices under one platform. At the same time, we want to help professionals to continue earning and providing their services even when in-person visits aren’t possible,” explains Ponce-Enrile. Membership fees start at P250 per month to avail of exclusive perks and promos while users can choose to get virtual care via chat, phone, or live video. “We’re extensive, seamless, competitively-priced, secure, and safe. We serve professionals and people anywhere and offer a spectrum of care needs to deliver convenience, value, and high-quality care for everyone,” adds Ponce-Enrile.

What’s next for JoJoCare?

JoJoCare is set to onboard more carefully-vetted professionals to make the platform as comprehensive and all-embracing as possible. “We’re excited to bring something that’s never been done before and that’s making JoJoCare as the all-in-one platform for accessing and offering a variety of virtual care services that will ultimately allow everyone to experience what better, faster, and holistic care means on the verge of a new era,” says Ponce-Enrile.

You can now sign up for JoJoCare and book a virtual visit with our professionals. If you’re interested to join and become a JoJoCare professional, get in touch with their team at