For First Shoshin and its founders, a higher valuation is just half the goal. Our team is motivated by a common drive to change and improve the way we interact with the world around us - one product at a time. We are committed to investing in ideas, solutions, and people to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity.

Established March 31, 2017 and founded by husband and wife tandem Jack and Sally Ponce-Enrile, First Shoshin Holdings Corp. aims to invest in innovative companies and build a portfolio of sustainable investments with a focus on technology, banking, finance, logistics, blockchain, and gaming. First Shoshin is driven by its dedication to improve the lives and experiences of the Filipino people, build value for shareholders, clients, and employees, and contribute to social and economic development.

Our investment philosopy

We invest and support organizations who are focused on addressing gaps in the market. What makes us different is that we do not only invest in products but also the people and their ability to design, create, implement, and execute large-scale "problem solving" solutions to make life easier and customer experiences better.

Mission and Vision


To be in a world-class conglomerate committed to investments that improve the lives of Filipinos, dominant in its key sectors, sought after by global and local investors seeking strategic partnership opportunities, and a major contributor to national development and global competitveness.


We will leverage our distinct competencies and experiences to:

1)invest in companies vital to becoming a market leader in identified key sectors,

2)build and drive innnovative business solutions and strategies that meet the needs of our customers,

3)ensure sustainable long-term profitability

4)provide the highest standard of service and value to shareholders, affiliates, regulators, creditors, employees, and communities in which we operate, and

5)create synergies, provide career opportunities, and contribute to making lives better for Filipinos.

Our Corporate Values


We do the right thing, even when no one is looking. Our business is built on trust and honesty, and we focus on demonstrating integrity both in large ways and in small daily activities and practices.


We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards when we conduct business. We are proactive and go beyond what is asked to endear ourselves to our customers and stakeholders.


We believe our individual differences and unique skills strenghthen us as a team, and the trust and respect we have for each other reflects in everything we do. We welcome diversity of opinions, ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds, to make us better problem solvers and drive constant improvement.

Creating Value

We are committed to planting the seeds today that will result in creating value for our shareholders, for our customers, and for our employees in the future. We account for our success, big or small, to everyone involved.


We believe we are here to build a better future, not just grow our business. We are unafraid to try new things and discover uncharted territory in order to deliver on our brand promises.


We get it done. We build things that work and we are wired to overcome obstacles, fine solutions, and deliver exceptional results.


We thrive in an environment where there is open collaboration and passion to deliver products and services that make a difference. We collaborate and work towards a common goal across functions.


We valor the importance of communicating clearly, both internally and externally, with unwavering candor, honesty, and respect. We provide complete visibility into the successes, and sometimes failures, of our business as we grow and scale.

Nurturing People

We are committed to continuous investments in the personal and professional growth of our team members. We share a responsibility to enrich their lives by building an encouraging, caring, and supportive environment.


Jack Ponce-Enrile


Before establishing First Shoshin Holdings Corp,. back in 2017 with his wife Sally, Jack has worked as a public servant, advocating for Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, and CEO of a corporation with 22 subsidiary companies with five core business segments: Distribution and Logistics, Food, Lights and Wood, Property and Security, and Investment Management. Jack received his MBA from Pepperdine University.

Today, Jack leads the First Shoshin team as it drives to make the world a better place through innovation and explores the many opportunities where technology could have exciting implications for the future of multiple industries.

Sally Ponce-Enrile


Sally Ponce-Enrile is a former politician having served as a legislator for 6 years in the Philippines, and holds Master’s Degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice. Together with her husband Jack, she co-founded First Shoshin with the goal to bring development, innovation, and sustainability through technology. Her passion for tech has allowed her to understand and implement next generation solutions that address gaps in the market.

Sally is also an accomplished artist. Her paintings have been displayed in private collections in Manila, Germany, New York, Dubai, Rome, Milano, California, Tokyo, Zurich, Marbella, and has been exhibited in museums in Rome and Florence.

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